W800 Long Reach (Supported)

W800 long reach (supported) bottom loading arms for petroleum products are ideal for loading/unloading single or multi compartment tank trucks and rail cars. The long reach enables greater flexibility with miss-spotting or obstructions from other rail car/tank truck equipment. The W800’s long reach and significant miss-spot capabilities are due to a swivel boom that extends and is “supported” by the riser on the stand post. This provides an extra plane or rotation and allows the loading arm to support more outboard weight and track a larger distance along the bottom side of the rail car, or bottom side and rear of a tank truck. W800 is not designed for multiple crossover applications

W800 Long Fixed Reach


Available in 2”, 3” x 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” in either Left Hand or Right Hand, Up feed or Down feed, or Side feed configurations.

Typical range of vertical movement is +50°/-10°

Typical boom length of 1700mm, with primary and outboard swivel at 1600mm. All dimensions can be changed to suit each application.


  • Carbon steel inlet WL2 split flange swivel and boom
  • Carbon steel WB-4D Base joint with compression spring balance, WL2 split flange swivel joints, Viton™ GF seals, TTMA flanged
  • Aluminum Primary, TTMA flanged
  • Aluminum WL2 Outboard Style-70 swivel joint, TTMA flanged with handle
  • Aluminum spacer spool, TTMA flanged
  • API coupler or other interface device

See Petroleum Bottom Loading Arm Options tab for multiple options