Quick Platforms

Woodfield Systems “Quick Platforms”.  Top Loading Platforms for Tank Truck and Rail Car Safe Access.

  • Modular design “QP” loading platforms to permit safe access to the top of tank trucks and rail cars.
  • 10” galvanized steel pedestal or four column tower support
  • 6’x4’, 8’x4’ galvanized steel non slip platform walking surface. Single sided or double sided truck/rail access
  • Full single or double sided canopy or ½ Canopy sunroof options
  • 42” OSHA compliant steel safety hand rails, powder coated
  • OSHA compliant 7/11 Access Stairs, galvanized steel, non-slip stair tread
  • OSHA compliant 42” safety rails with secondary hand rails, powder coated
  • Designed to accept Woodfield Systems Safety Access Gangways or Folding Stair with truck or rail safety cages, powder coated.
  • Specifically designed for loading arm installation to provide a complete integrated loading solution
  • Detailed assembly instructions and full fitting kit provided
Quick Platforms 1