Tanker Truck & Rail Wagon Loading Skids Systems & Solution

Customized skid systems / solutions for loading/unloading of tank trucks and rail cars are one stop solutions for tanker / rail wagon safe and precise filling.

Catering to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Chemical Industry the loading skid systems are designed & manufactured in accordance with latest industry standards & local regulations.

These skid systems are custom designed based on process parameters and controlling philosophy specified by client.

Designed to suit Top or Bottom loading / Unloading, these fully integrated ( manufactured & tested ) loading skid packages mainly consist of loading arms, flow meters (PD, Coriolis or Turbine based on process requirement) batch controlling system, instrumentation & other associated piping, electrical, structural steel components.

LPG Loading System

For use in Oil & Gas Industry typical loading skids of Top / Bottom type in accordance with API Chapter 6.2/ API RP1004 / API RP 2003 are given in flow capacities ranging from 20 m3/hr to 150 m3/hr and available in sizes of 2’’ to 4’’ for services like Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, White oil, Naphtha, Benzene, Condensate, Slop oil, etc.

Skid systems are manufactured in various materials like carbon steel, Low temperature Carbon steel and Stainless Steel grades.
Additional features like additive injection, odorant injection, blending like Gasoline in Ethanol, Bio diesel in Diesel, etc. can be offered.

For Petrochemical / Chemical Industry our Truck loading skids of Top/Bottom style are with typical sizes between 2″ to 4″ with our capabilities in handling critical applications like Molten Sulphur, Bitumen, Phenol, Sulphuric Acid, Toluene, etc. where skid design, integration of steam/electrical heat tracing system, hot insulation, purging system plays key role in efficient & safe operation.

We offer the skid systems to meet end user & local statutory requirement for hazardous area certifications like FM/UL/CSA/ATEX/IEC, etc.


  • Accurate and safe loading for custody & non-custody flow metering in accordance with OIML 117 and MID regulations.
  • Process safety considerations like vehicle earth monitoring, overfill detection, break away, etc.
  • Bottom loading skids along with Loading Arms on single frame.
  • In-house fabrication, assembly and system integration on a single frame makes it plug and play system and ensures minimum site work.
  • Additional process safety with fire & gas detectors.
  • Multistream loading (max. 4 streams) is available on single skid frame.
  • Autonomous system with built in pump and skid mounted control system.
  • Return vapor measurement is available using vapor return arm or hose.
  • Fibre optics connectivity to control room.
  • Emergency stop device within the skid.