LNG Truck Loading Skid Solution

With the rapid growth in the demand of LNG, Regasification terminals are being set up to meet client’s requirement. LNG is being used as major fuel for various industries.

Transportation of LNG via road tankers is the most preferred and economical way to reach consumers across the country. Hence, loading of LNG tank trucks using LNG loading skids is important and critical process in transportation of LNG via roadways.

Loading of LNG in Tank truck is challenging due to its cryogenic (-176 deg C) process condition. However, with Woodfield’s strong engineering, manufacturing & testing capabilities it becomes easier for terminal operator to safely & efficiently fill trucks with LNG.

Woodfield manufactures Cryogenic truck loading arms and truck loading skids with typical capacities ranging from 30 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr and available in sizes of 3″150# & 4″150#. These skids are designed for -196 deg C to +80 deg C process temperature.

LNG Truck Loading Skid Solution

Woodfield’s LNG truck loading skid mainly consists of LNG truck loading arms & vapour return arms with cryogenic couplings and swivel joints, flow metering and controlling system, nitrogen distribution and purging system, vapour return line, LNG recirculation provision, draining facility, sick tanker unloading facility, cold insulation and other auxiliary piping, electrical, structural items.

Woodfield’s Swivel Joints are tested under cryogenic conditions and proven to handle cryogenic temperatures.

LNG Truck Loading Skid Features

  • One stop solution for one of the most challenging application.
  • Smooth, accurate and efficient truck loading with minimal product loss.
  • In-house design and engineering capability using latest designing & analytical software to counter thermal effects.
  • In-house manufacturing (i.e. fabrication, assembly, system integration and testing facility) on a single frame makes it plug and play device and ensures minimum site work.
  • Process safety considerations like vehicle earth monitoring, overfill detection, breakaway coupling.
  • Semi automated or automated loading process control based on requirement.
  • Add on terminal automation solutions (hardwares and softwares) to cater plant automation requirement.
  • LNG tank truck unloading with cryogenic pump can be offered.
  • Emergency stop device within the skid.
  • End Connections options like DGC, CGA, ACME available.