Marine Loading Arms

Woodfield has over 3 decades of experience in oil & gas and chemical industries with a wide range product portfolio of robust Marine Loading Arms specifically designed for loading or unloading of liquid cargo such as Crude Oil, Petroleum and refined products, Chemical Products, Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and so on. Our MLA sizes range from 4" to 20" diameter and requires minimal maintenance resulting in lower operational cost.

Woodfield's custom-made Marine Loading Arms are designed by in-house experts to guarantee safety and minimal maintenance requirement. Being a global leader, our commissioning and servicing experts are spread across the globe to attend to any requirement in any corner of the world.

Woodfield Marine Loading Arms are manufactured using Carbon steel/LTCS/Stainless steel. They are designed with self-supported product pipe (Ambient loading arms) and structurally supported product pipe (LNG loading arms). The Marine Loading Arm seals are fully serviceable in situ.

All Woodfield Marine Loading Arms are designed with a rigid pantograph link.

The rigid link balances the outer arm independently of the inner arm and is maintenance free due to the non-lubricated bearings.

Marine Loading Arms