Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Metering Skids

When there is fluid transfer from one party to another, the requirement of custody transfer flow metering skids arises.

LACT skids are used to transfer the process fluid with change of territory or ownership of the fluid. Custody metering skids are highly precise and accurate for measurement of sale and invoice purpose. These skids come with custody transfer certified flowmeters. Their accuracy ranges from 0.05% to 0.5% of flow.

Depending upon the service, the flow metering technology varies from Coriolis, PD, Turbine and Ultrasonic. Typically, these metering skids varies in capacity from 20 m3/hr to 2000 m3/hr with size range from 2″ to 24″ with pressure class 150# to 900#.

These flow metering skids are provided with Flowmeters meeting custody metering norm API MPMS chapter 6 for liquid metering and AGA for Gas Metering following metrological certification in order to use it by end user.

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Metering Skids

Other major components in the skid consists of instruments for pressure, temperature, density, manual or automated isolation valves, stream switching valves, prover take off valves, flow computers usually mounted on panel & other auxiliary piping and mechanical components, electrical accessories, structural steel etc.

Majorly used in transfer of hydrocarbons like Crude oil, Natural gas, LPG, Diesel etc.

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Metering Skids Features

  • Precise metering using API / AGA regulations to meet custody transfer norms.
  • Inhouse manufacturing (i.e. fabrication, assembly, system integration and testing facility) on a single frame makes it plug and play device and ensures minimum site work.
  • Manufacturing following ASME B 31.3 and B 31.8 practices.
  • Product heading using steam tracing, electrical tracing option available for viscous flow like heavy crude oil etc.
  • Skid mounted Gas detectors / sensors are available.
  • Cold Insulations available for Meter and Meter runs.
  • Emergency stop valve to meet site safety norms.
  • Control room mounted Cabinet for Flow Computer mounting.
  • Providing and Integration of analytical instruments (Density analyzer, BS & W Analyzers, Gas Chromatograph, etc.) depending upon the requirement.
  • Trolley mounted Master Meter Prover / Small volume prover system for proving of skid in line condition.