Compressed Gas Loading/Unloading Arms

WSI’s range of Gas Loading Arms and Unloading Arms are specifically designed to handle liquefied gases like LNG and LPG. Whether for top or bottom loading or unloading of tank trucks or (Russian) railcars there is a WSI Gas Loading Arm to suit the application. All Gas Loading Arms and Unloading Arms are of modular design with flanged connections of all the major components, thus allowing easy arm configurations and superior maintenance capabilities. The inlet flange connection of our LPG Loading Arms and LNG Loading Arms will suit the application.
Compressed Gas Loading/Unloading Arms


  • WSI´s LPG loading arms and LNG Loading Arms are designed in accordance with applicable international standards
  • Safe and easy handling of our LPG loading arms and LNG Loading Arms is assured
  • All Gas Loading Arms are balanced by HD compression spring
  • A variety of accessories like dry break couplers, quick couplers or emergency release systems are available, that the LNG or LPG Loading Arm will match the application
  • LNG and LPG Loading and Unloading Arms are available in 2”, 3” and 4”
  • State of the art swivel joint technology and designs, proven over decades
  • MOC: carbon steel, stainless steel or low temperature steel
  • Seal materials Viton, PTFE or Kalrez, depending on the process parameter
  • Design pressure: 25bar, higher on request
  • Design temperature: -196°C to +80°C for LNG Loading Arms, -40°C to +80°C for LPG Loading Arms
  • Gas Loading Arms are available as product and vapour recovery arm
  • For bottom loading this can be carried out as Bottom Loading Station, e.g. two Gas Loading Arms (one for liquid and one for vapour) installed on a single standpost.

All WSI Gas Loading Arms are designed and manufactured within our certified ISO quality management systems and in line with ASME B31.3 Process Piping code. All loading arms and swivel joint assemblies are 100% hydro tested. Dye penetrant testing and Radiography carried out to required specifications. Full manufacturing documentation and MTR’s can be provided with each Gas Loading Arm. Standard paint finish for carbon steel is shot blasting to SA 2 ½ and Poly Urethane RAL 7035 paint finish. Specific painting specifications also provided. If required, TPI will be provided.