Compressed Gas Bottom Unloading Arm

WSI range of Bottom unloading arms are specifically engineered to handle the unique nature of liquid compressed gasses and vapors transported in tank trucks or railcars, or trans-loaded between the two.

Up to #300 rated with minimal flanged connections in carbon steel and stainless steel to handle refined products such as LPG, Propane, Butane, Isobutene, Anhydrous Ammonia, LNG as well as course unrefined NGL’s.

Typical size is 2” but larger 3” and 4” are available for specialized applications. For longer reach applications a 3” arm is usually better suited for structural strength with a 2” connection point to the tank truck or railcar.

Connection devises will vary with different applications. Each WSI compressed gas bottom unloading arm is designed to work with either, dry-gas couplers and adapters, hammer unions or lap flange connection points. Outboard swivel joints are incorporated in to each bottom unloading arm with multiple flow control and connection options. Isolation valves, breakaway devices and remote shut down devices can all be incorporated in to each configuration of bottom unloading arm.

Compressed Gas Bottom Unloading Arm

All unloading arms are offered in standard length configurations or custom sized to suit the exact application

See Compressed Gas Unloading Arm Options tab for optional equipment such as vapor transfer combination arms, ground verification systems, parking adapters and position sensors etc.

All WSI bottom unloading arms are designed and manufactured within our certified ISO quality management systems and in line with ASME B31.3 Process Piping code. All bottom loading arms and swivel joint assemblies are100% hydro tested. Dye penetrant testing and Radiography are also carried out to required specifications. Full manufacturing documentation and MTR’s can be provided with each bottom unloading arm. Standard paint finish for carbon steel is shot blasting to SA 2 ½ and Poly Urethane RAL 7035 paint finish. Specific painting specifications are also provided. If required, TPI will be provided.