Jet Fuel Refuelling Arms

WSI’s range of Jet Fuel Refuelling Arms are specifically designed for liquids in the aviation industry. Whether it is for the tank terminal where the jet fuel is received, stored or distributed to the apron or the aircraft or the helicopter need to be refuel, we have the appropriate solution available for civilian & military applications. Our Pantographs are suitable for use with all types of wide body aircraft and tactical aircraft, helicopter, tank truck and dispenser truck refuelling. Ideal not only for applications at big airports (military and civilian) and related tank depots with high refuelling frequency and low downtimes.
Jet Fuel Refuelling Arms

Jet Fuel Refuelling Arms Features

  • Designed in accordance to latest regulations (STS Standard Specifications for Military)
  • Standard size is 3” however all models are available in 2”and 4” as well.
  • All Swivel Joints Split Flange design, either WL2 Dual Race or WSS Single Race.
  • Typical swivel joint elastomers are Viton GF™ with a choice of Nitrile, PTFE, EPDM or Kalrez™ if required.
  • Arms are balanced by HD compression spring. Gas Strut balancing mechanism also available.
  • Standard MOC is stainless steel, other materials like aluminium, carbon steel or special alloys are available on request.
  • Loading arm configurations are customized.

Loading Arm Types

Wide Body Pantograph

  • Multiple arm design
  • Long reach up to 30 m
  • Easy one-man operation
  • Fully balanced connection end
  • Rigid tube design with smooth operating swivel joints

High Reach Pantograph

  • Multiple arm design
  • Underwing refuelling height up to 5.70 m
  • Combination with wide body Pantograph possible

Bottom Loading/ Unloading Arm

  • Triple arm design (boom, primary, outboard)
  • A-frame arm design
  • To load and unload tank trucks and dispenser trucks
  • Flexible reach
  • Fully balanced for easy one-man operation
  • Special Designs on request

Any modification of pantographs and bottom loading arms to suit your application, even for small airports are possible.