API Swivel Joints

Standard seal options are Viton GFLT,Viton B and Nitrile, (consult Woodfield for more seal options). Styles – 30, 40, 50, and 70 WL2PA swivels are standard with Woodfield APILoad Loading Arms. These can also be retrofit to most existing terminal loading arms.

The WL2PA utilizes Woodfield’s Uni-Seal technology by featuring the same seals as all the other swivel joints in a Woodfield loading arm, making arm servicing smarter as well as simpler. Contact Woodfield today to lean more.

API Swivel Joints


  • Universal seal for all swivel joints of the same size
  • Split flange design for simple & quick seal maintenance
  • 3 year no touch warranty
  • Cast TTMA flanged connections
  • Dual ball race for strong longevity
  • Ergonomic replaceable handles

Technical Specifications

Type / Model
WL2PA 3″&.4″ Style-30, 40, 50 &. 70
Sizes Available
3in and 4in
Material of Construction
Aluminum (Cast) – A356 T6
Viton GFLT,Viton-B, Nitrile/Buna, (other materials on request)
Test Pressure
15 bar
Working Pressure (Max.)
10 bar
Operating Temperature
Viton GFLT: -40°C (-40°F) to 100°C (212°F)
Viton-B : -15°C (5°F) to 90°C (194°F)
Nitrile/ Buna: -30°C (-22°F) to 100°C (212°F)
End Connection
TTMA flange
Petroleum, Hydrocarbons

Models & Specs

Woodfield WL2PA swivel Joints are designed specifically for the petroleum and fuel loading industry. Cast aluminum construction for light weight, with dual ball races for strong and smooth operation. The split flange design has been developed with maintenance and a long service life as a top priority. The H-Block 0-ring main seal is field replaceable. To access the seal simply unbolt the split flange.

Style – 30 w / Handle

API Swivel Joints - M30x3.5

Style – 40

API Swivel Joints - TTMA FLANGE

Style – 50

API Swivel Joints - TTMA FLANGE

Style – 70

API Swivel Joints - TTMA FLANGE

Sizes & Configurations

Swivel Size A (inch) B (inch) C (inch) D (inch) E (inch) F (inch) Weight Without Handle (Ibs) Handle Weight (Ibs)
S-30 S-40 S-50 S-70
3 in. 4.33 10.08 14.17 11.46 12.05 13.39 14.11 13.23 22.05 23.15 1.32
4 in. 5.32 10.47 14.76 12.84 13.54 15.39 17.64 17.64 28.66 30.87 1.32

Woodfield APILOAD Product Range

The Woodfield APILOAD product range consists of a complete array of Woodfield bottom loading arm products. All manufactured by Woodfield to the highest standard and designed to compliment each other during their operation and to simplify service and maintenance when it is required.

Bottom Loading Arms

API Swivel Joints - Bottom Loading Arms

Single spot or up to 7 arm cross over within the API envelope
Compression Spring balanced or Gas Strut


API Swivel Joints - Couplers

WV400 API Coupler,4 lug, snap-on, stainless steel sleeve, standard Viton GFLT seals

Swivel Joints

API Swivel Joints - Swivel Joints

WSS single race or WL2+ Dual race heavy duty swivel joints
WL2PA Aluminum split flange apex and outboard swivel joints
TIMA Flanged

Emergency breakaway coupling

API Swivel Joints - Emergency breakaway coupling

WBAC 4″ API Breakaway Device, Aluminum, TTMA


API Swivel Joints - Hoses

HD Drop Hoses, SS braided or composite construction