Swivel Joint -“The Heart of Every Loading Arm”

Loading Arms are articulating rigid pipe work systemsspecifically designed to handle a plethora of bulkpetrochemical, industrial and compressed gas products. They make the connection between plant storage and thetransport, be it truck, railcar or ship to allow the product to betransported away or received in.

Loading Arms not only carry their own weight and the weightof the product, but they also carry important processequipment such as valves, couplers, purge lines etc. Thisallows large bore process systems to be used which anoperator typically could not manage, or would put them atrisk.

Swivel Joints are high precision devices which carry the axialand radial load of the Loading Arm while at the same timecarry the product under pressure and allow to rotate the Loading Arm and make the important connection. They are able to handle system or ambient temperaturesfrom +230°C to -196°C.


A wide range of sealing options exist to suit every application. Mostseals are interchangeable with other Swivel Joint models inrange.

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Aluminum
  • Exotic Alloys

The Ball Raceway – most important feature

Woodsfield’s Swivel Joints are designed to fulfill allrequirements coming from different and severe applicationsin the industry. Reliability, environmental safety, low cost ofownership and many years of trouble-free service aremandatory!

To even exceed customers’ expectations the quality of the ballraceways of our Swivel Joints is of utmost importance. It goeswithout saying that all ball raceways (on inner and outer ring!)of our Swivel Joints undergo a special hardening process toprovide the required load capacity!

Design and testing of all of our Swivel Joints is based on the criteria of the OCIMF (Oil Companies International MarineForum – Design & Construction Specification.