W500-H Fixed Reach

W500-H fixed reach bottom loading arms for petroleum products are ideal for loading single or multi compartment tank trucks. They can be configured for up to 5- compartment crossover (4”) within the envelope as stated in API RP 1004:2003.

W500-H Fixed Reach


Standard size is 4” in either Left Hand or Right Hand, Up feed or Down feed, or Side feed configurations. Also available in 2”, 3” x 2”, 3” and 6”.

Typical range of vertical movement is +30°/-30° Typical length of reach is 2,000mm. All dimensions can be changed to suit each application.


  • Carbon steel WB-4B Base joint with compression spring balance, WL2 split flange swivel joints, Viton™ GF seals, TTMA flanged
  • Aluminum Primary, TTMA flanged
  • Stainless steel drop hose
  • Aluminum WL2 Outboard Style-30 swivel joint, TTMA flanged, with handle
  • Aluminum spacer spool, TTMA flanged
  • API coupler or other interface device

See Petroleum Bottom Loading Arm Options tab for multiple options