W920 ‘A’ Frame

W920 ‘A’ Frame bottom loading/unloading arms for compressed liquid gasses and vapor transfer are ideal for loading/unloading tank trucks and rail cars. ‘A’ Frame loading arms have an advantage when the lanes are narrow or where servicing both sides of the lane is required. For tank trucks, ‘A’ Frame bottom loading/unloading arms can also service the rear of the vehicle.

W920 has a solid drop pipe, 2-plane Style-50 Outboard swivel joint with handle and an option of a ball valve to allow for orientation as well as controlling the supply to/from the loading arm.

Outboard connections can be dry-gas coupler, hammer union or lap flange to suit the application. Breakaway couplings, remote shut down devices and purge systems can be incorporated as required.

W920 A Frame


The W920 is available in 2”, 3” x 2”, or 3 if required. Made from all carbon steel or stainless steel. Swivel joints are all WSS single race dual split flange with seal material to suit the compressed gas and vapor being handled.

Available in Left Hand or Right Hand, Up-feed, Down-feed and Side-feed configuration.


  • Typical range of vertical movement is +60°/+30°
  • Typical primary length of 1,500mm, Drop tube of 1,800mm with Style-30 Outboard swivel joint and handle at the outboard. All dimensions can be changed to suit each application.

See Compressed Gas Loading Arm Options tab for more options