Dry Disconnect Coupling

  • Dry Break Couplers and Adapters permit flexible hoses and/or loading arms to be connected and disconnected to a fixed connection in a plant or on a transport without product loss.
  • Typical use of Dry Disconnect Coupling is for the safe, non-spill transfer of chemicals, oil products, compressed gases and cryogenic LNG products
  • When a Dry Break Coupler is disconnected from the Adapter a sequenced mechanism prevents liquid or gas loss from either the hose or loading arm and plant/transport. When the Coupler and Adapter are reconnected the mechanism opens and product/gas flow is permitted.
  • Typically the Coupler is attached to the hose or loading arm with the Adapter being attached to the stationary plant/tank truck or rail car.
  • Dry Disconnect Coupling is available as non-selective or selective for added security..
  • Dry Disconnect Coupling is available in ¾” up to 6” in a wide range of materials, standard and exotic with seal materials to suit the particular application i.e. Viton, Nitrile, PTFE, Kalrez, etc.
Dry Disconnect Coupling in India