• Loading Valve
  • API Coupler
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • Safety Breakaway Coupling
  • Dry Disconnect Coupling

Loading Valve

Loading Valve
  • Specifically designed for use in top loading arm applications for refined fuels and some low viscosity lube oils. Manually operated “dead man” style with spring-loaded handle without detent to ensure the operator is present whenever the product is flowing in to the tank.
  • 2 stage “soft” close greatly reduces hydraulic hammer when valve is closed against a flowing product.
  • Available in 3”, 4” and 6” size with TTMA inlet and outlet flanged connections.
  • Optional integral vacuum breaker.
  • Optional remote operation handle.

API Coupler

API Coupler
  • Aluminum 4” API style dry break coupler designed inline with API RP1004-2003 for loading/unloading refined fuel, bottom loading equipped tankers. Can also be used on some low viscosity oils and low viscosity chemicals carried in bottom loading equipped tankers (road and rail). Consult our technical department for more information.
  • Available as “Snap-On, semi-automatic” or “push-on, manual”, with working pressure up to 16 bar.

Vacuum Breaker

Vacuum Breaker
  • Designed to relieve vacuum when present in a pipework system or loading arm by allowing atmospheric air to enter the system.
  • Typical application is to allow stationary product in a top loading arm to run to the lowest point.
  • Available with ¾” and 1” connection in Brass, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.
  • Standard seal is Viton with options to suit the particular application such as, Hydrogenated Buna, PTFE.

Safety Breakaway Coupling

Safety Breakaway Coupling
  • Safety Breakaway devices when used with loading arms are designed to separate (break) and seal both halves of the pipe in the event of a “drive away”, where a truck or rail car moves off with the loading arm still connected. The Safety Breakaway will separate at a predetermined load, both halves will seal the product to avoid significant damage to plant and the transport.
  • Typical use is for safe transfer of Chemicals, Oil products, Compressed gases and Cryogenic LND products.

Dry Disconnect Coupling

Dry Disconnect Coupling
  • Dry Break Couplers and Adapters permit flexible hoses and/or loading arms to be connected and disconnected to a fixed connection in a plant or on a transport without product loss.
  • Typical use is for the safe, non-spill transfer of chemicals, oil products, compressed gases and cryogenic LNG products
  • When a Dry Break Coupler is disconnected from the Adapter a sequenced mechanism prevents liquid or gas loss from either the hose or loading arm and plant/transport. When the Coupler and Adapter are reconnected the mechanism opens and product/gas flow is permitted.
  • Typically the Coupler is attached to the hose/loading arm with the Adapter being attached to the stationary plant/tank truck or rail car.
  • Available as non-selective or selective for added security..
  • Available in ¾” up to 6” in a wide range of materials, standard and exotic with seal materials to suit the particular application i.e. Viton, Nitrile, PTFE, Kalrez, etc.
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