W700 Long Reach (Unsupported)

W700 long reach (unsupported) bottom loading arms for petroleum products are ideal for loading/unloading single or multi compartment tank trucks and rail cars. The long reach enables greater flexibility with miss-spotting or obstructions from other rail car/tank truck equipment. The W700’s long reach and significant miss-spot capabilities are due to a swivel boom that extends “unsupported” from the riser on the stand post. This provides an extra plane or rotation and allows the loading arm to track a distance along the bottom side of the rail car, or bottom side and rear of a tank truck. W700 is not designed for multiple crossover applications


Available in 2”, 3” x 2”, 3” and 4” in either Left Hand or Right Hand, Up feed or Down feed, or Side feed configurations.

Typical range of vertical movement is +50°/-10°

Typical boom length of 1500mm, with primary and outboard swivel at 1600mm. All dimensions can be changed to suit each application.


  • Carbon steel inlet WL2 split flange swivel and boom
  • Carbon steel WB-4D Base joint with compression spring balance, WL2 split flange swivel joints, Viton™ GF seals, TTMA flanged
  • Aluminum Primary, TTMA flanged
  • Aluminum WL2 Outboard Style-70 swivel joint, TTMA flanged with handle
  • Aluminum spacer spool, TTMA flanged
  • API coupler or other interface device

See Petroleum Bottom Loading Arm Options tab for multiple options