Heated Loading/Unloading Arms

The variety of loading and unloading challenges are greatest in the chemical and industrial products industry. Many products such as molten sulphur, bitumen and some crude oils require to be handled at specific high temperatures during the transfer process. In extreme cold climates heated arms are used to prevent the product solidifying. This is why all WSI top and bottom loading/unloading arms are available as a “heated” model. Available with;

  • External steam or oil jacketing, or
  • Electric heat tracing, or
  • Contra tracing

All arms come with custom insulation jackets to reduce heat/energy loss. Insulation jackets are removable for inspection/maintenance. Aluminum clad insulation can also be provided.

WSI’s range of Top and Bottom Heated Loading/Unloading arms is specifically engineered to handle the exact nature of each liquid or vapor being handled in and out of tank trucks, rail cars and ISO container tanks. For all temperature dependent liquids and vapors WSI has a specific solution to handle each application safely and successfully…


Sizes in 3” x 2”, 4” x 3”, 6” x 4” and 8” x 6”


  • Materials of construction: Carbon steels, 304L and 316L stainless steel.
  • Exotic alloys for specialty applications where applicable: Super Duplex, 904L SS etc.
  • Dual race Split Flange WL2 or Single race WSS swivel joints
  • Seals in Viton™, Hydrogenated Buna, PTFE etc. to suit the specific application
  • Swivel joint leak detection systems
  • Compression spring, counterweight, pneumatic or hydraulic balance control systems
  • Top and bottom loading station configurations (stand post)
  • Vapor recovery
  • High-level detection systems
  • Purging systems
  • Control valves
  • Position sensors
  • Couplers and adapters

See Chemical and Industrial Loading Arm Options tab for additional optional equipment

All WSI loading arms are designed and manufactured within our certified ISO quality management systems and in line with ASME B31.3 Process Piping code. All loading arms and swivel joint assemblies are100% hydro tested. Dye penetrant testing and Radiography carried out to required specifications. Full manufacturing documentation and MTR’s can provided with each loading arm. Standard paint finish for carbon steel is shot blasting to SA 2 ½ and Poly Urethane RAL 7035 paint finish. Specific painting specifications also provided. If required, TPI will be provided